Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship began with one church in Maywood, California in 1976. Pastor Mike and Donna Neville moved to the Los Angeles area from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The church in Maywood, California was in an area filled with gangs and drugs. Within a few years God began to move in a very special way as gang members and their families began to be saved. Soon the church was filled with people on fire for God who went outside the church walls into the streets and neighborhoods of the Los Angeles area preaching the gospel and seeing souls saved.

Following what God was doing, Pastor Mike and Donna began to train up pastors and send them out to the various areas of Los Angeles to start new churches. God blessed these new churches as they reached out to the lost. Those new churches continued in the vision God gave Pastor Mike and Donna Neville to WIN-BUILD-SEND. Over the years the fellowship has continued in this vision. Today Praise Chapel has multiplied into many different areas of the United States and the world. There are over 260 Churches that have been planted in the United States and more than 2000 internationally throughout our Churches and Fellowships in over 13 nations.

Praise Chapel Christian Fellowship is an ongoing and growing story as new churches are continually being planted out. It is a Book of Acts story being written today. Praise Chapel Concord Pastored by Randal (Razz) and Eva Taylor have continued in this vision and sent Pastor Ralph and Wendi Gonzales out to the City of Pittsburg in March 2007. From there they started their church in a house holding Bible Studies at the Lopez residence in Antioch. On July 15 they had their Grand Opening Service at the C.P.C. Church located at 200 East Leland, where they held services for 2 ½ years. Then God opened a supernatural door for them to get a building of their own located on 3837 Railroad Avenue where they held services for over 4 years. They are now currently holding services at 2301 Range Rd. Pittsburg, CA 94565.  

Pastors Ralph & Wendi have also continued in the Praise Chapel vision and have planted 3 churches (Templo De AlabanzaPraise Chapel Oakland, and Praise Chapel Brentwood) and have sent out 1 missionary to Eastern Europe.